Check it out!

Lookie what the girls and I have created this week!


This is the name of Rowan’s horse – she did this with her wood burning kit (that she’s never used before!) – Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

Jaia and I played around with our paint course – I had a hard time “letting go”, so my paintings are a little more restrained than Jaia’s. I also hate the colors we bought – all primary colors. Nothing pretty:) These are from lessons one and two.

I’m actually not finished with the one on the left. I also bought the wrong paint pens – I have fine tipped ones and I think she is using wider tipped paint pens. To Amazon we go!

We are having a great time with this course and cannot wait to “take” another lesson!

I also made a simple Dragon Time roller pen for a friend. Dragon Time is good for certain times of the month, so when she told me she was having a rather difficult time this month I quickly whipped one of these up. It’s super simple and I found the roller tube thing and Vitamin shoppe!

First I stuck the small jar in a cup of hot water to take off the label.

Then I simply added 10 drops of Dragon time and topped the rest off with filtered water.

And there you have it! I like to diffuse Dragon Time, both in the house and in my car. With 3 women in the house we need it quite often!


Bright Blessings!


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