Goddess bags

This past week/weekend I got down to sewing! Well…… I sewed a bit that is! I’ve been wanting to sew a few of my “goddess” bags to put on my etsy shop ever since the one I made for Women’s weekend was taken with in the first few hours! So was my oil spritzer 🙂

And in TOTAL honesty (the money would be nice too)!

So after tracing the paper pattern on to stencil plastic for durability – I got down to business!

I traced, cut, and sewed 3 different size and style pouches –

I have a large, square bottomed pouch, a small one and a regular zipper pouch which I gifted to a friend with an essential oil spray and roller bottle.

And the finished projects! –  The large pouch is roughly 10″ by 7 1/4 and the small one is 7 1/2 by 5. The zippers are either new or vintage, and the lining is up cycled fabric. This particular red is left over red corduroy from a past project.

Dragon Time essential roll on and calm essential oil spray –

In return, I was gifted a beautiful bracelet and a Scoby!!!!

Now I’m off to raid my stash for more fabric and to make Kombucha 🙂

Bright Blessings!


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