Tuesday Musings

Today it’s raining. I’ve gone back and forth, mentally of course,  about what this blog post will be about. So many things and all of them seem boring and mundane to me.

Yesterday I escaped a screaming teen by going to the mall for an hour. She was not left alone but I needed to not be there. I love homeschooling but I’m realizing that this child needs more than just me. She needs other people, other classes, other minds.

I’m working on that.

I am also realizing that, now, as I work on myself, that I need more too. I’m needing MORE than mom-hood.  I’m struggling to figure out the next step for me. Back to school? On-line business? Out of the house job? (HA! I’m still driving them all over!)  The girls are so much more self sufficient now (lazy but self sufficient) that I spend a great amount of the day doing not a whole lot of anything – BUT – the evenings I chauffeur.

I need something for me-

I’m working on that too.

Ah well – that’s why personal growth is always a work in progress right?

Things to do –


* meditate



*yoga at home!


*practice salve making

*create essential oil sprays

Seems like a good to-do start list yes?

I did get two more pouches made yesterday. And I made Rowan take fancy pictures of the “goddess” pouches so I can list them on my esty shoppe.


I love this birdcage fabric. I’m not sure what drew me to that fabric in the first place but I’ve been hoarding THAT for 2/3?? years as well – and zipper pouches seemed like a fitting project for the fabric.




Hopefully I’ll get these up by Friday –

Anyone else having trouble adjusting to the kids growing up/mom growth thing?

Bright Blessings –


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