Weekending (and a little complaint)

So  – Friday I went on my very first “float”.  I had won a free float while at Women’s Weekend, and my husband has been wanting me go, so I had no excuses anymore.


Basically you lay, naked, in a large tub of water that has been saturated with epsom salts. You simply float there for about an hour.


My husband loves it and has gone multiple times. I was indifferent. It was “so so” to me and I’m not sure if I’m feeling the call to do it again 🙂 BUT I’m also not a person who likes be in a bath.  SHOWERing yes!

*maybe* I should try once more just to see if there was something  I missed but we’ll see.

Sunday morning we headed over to our old barn because an old friends horse (Rowan’s buddy), was heading back to North Carolina.


He’s a shy, skittish thing and after 2.5 hours of trying to get him onto a trailer, it then took 3 people to shove him up the ramp at just the right time.

It was bittersweet to see him go. The girls and I all loved him and are sorry to see him go – but it was nice to reconnect with old friends.

Jaia got to love on her favorite boy –


And made two new friends as well.


And what would YOU do if you invited someone over and  SHE. BROUGHT. HER. DOG??

without asking. Now we all have dogs and I am totally a dog person but. you don’t bring your dog to someone’s house without first asking permission. YOU. JUST. DON’T. To me that is  ultimate rudeness to your hostess or host. Thankfully all the dogs got along. But really. I would never show up to someone’s house with my dog in tow.

And she lets him on the furniture – granted, Row’s dog gets up now but dogs are not usually allowed on our furniture.  It’s also one thing to let your own dogs on your own furniture – but to assume it’s okay for your dog to get on someone else’s furniture –

Just ugh!

Okay  – done ranting!

How was your weekend? Monday was also wonderful but that’s another post 🙂 This one is simply getting too long.

Bright Blessings!

Oh yes – I posted the two goddess pouches I’ve made on my etsy shoppe – I’m super excited!




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