I went to Ikea

I went to Ikea yesterday while Jaia was at dance.

Don’t judge!

I went with a list and figured I’d not have too much time to do a whole lot of damage. I had about an hour or so.

I was wrong.

I DID buy the things on my list (and didn’t buy some things on my list) like plastic baggies (hands down best baggies there are), hangers, and wash cloths for cleaning –

But then there were the “not on the list purchases” – Like the green indoor/outdoor plastic bin for downstairs doll stuff storage – or the salad spinner ( more salads are a good thing though right?), popsicle molds I’d been eyeing since Ikea opened in October –

Or the really cool, flip top bottle for the kombucha I’m brewing –

(I really “needed” those)

There was also this glass bowl for more said salads this summer –


I needed this too –

But the last purchase. The made on a whim purchase –

Was this round outside dining table that BARELY fit in my car –

There it is – shoved in my car – junk piled under it and in front of it because – like I said – it was an impulse buy!

And there it is – out of my car and not assembled yet – under the carport.

I’ll probably get around to assembling it tonight or tomorrow –

But really, my husband and I had looked at this table not two weeks earlier but didn’t buy it then because we didn’t want to spend MORE money than we already were spending at that time 🙂

(I really need to buy stock in Ikea)

But yesterday it was on sale for Ikea “family” members – those free, “little orange cards”  that cause us to go in and spend entirely too much money on things we just barely need.

Ah Ikea – I was so happy you moved here.

Bright Blessings


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