This momma is Torn!

So my biggest, my Rowie, is trying to save an off the track thoroughbred. Horses that are bred and raised to race, but so often discarded when they fail or retire.

Such is the life of these guys.

Over the winter, a horse named Eddie came to live at spring haven because he was recovering from an injury. Rowan, of course, fell in love with him and told the owner she’d love to have him when his career was over. (think a few years).

BUT – his second race he broke his “kneecap” and is needing a home. NOW.  He was offered to Rowan.

This is where my heart breaks. We simply cannot afford him (afford 2 horses) and Rowan is perfectly “happy” to say she’ll work of board for him.  She’s started a go fund me page but it’s not doing it.

She worries about his future.

I worry about her future.

She thinks about him being put to sleep if he does not find a home. A terrible end. Absolutely.

I worry about her stuck in the constantly working to pay for two horses loop, potentially putting college at risk. Not being able to save up for the property she wants so she CAN  save OTTBs, not being able to buy a car, travel, do a working student stint   – simply because she needs to pay for 2 horses.

I worry about her body, constantly cleaning stalls and hauling buckets. Not easy work.

I worry about her current horse Pharma – who’s 20 and needs some chiro work and massage.

I worry about future vet bills for Eddie.

I worry about what if he never recovers enough to be “usable” – so she can ride dressage. OR that she can even re-home in at a future date.

What if she ends up with a horse that can’t physically work.

What then?

She worries about Eddie –

But I worry about her.

I wish I could say yes – I wish we had all the money in the world – or just more of it

I wish,  I wish, I wish.

This parenting thing is f**king HARD!


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