So it is not to be – Eddie has gone to another owner for rehabilitation and then re-homing, and while I AM sorry it wasn’t meant to be for Rowan. I am happy that the current owner found a home for this boy.

Row will be able to make and save her money for her own horse retirement barn –

When she’s ready.

On a fun note – I took Jaia and 2 friends to the zoo yesterday. It was jam packed – the paid parking was full! and hot.  I don’t mind at all taking kids to the zoo – I think our zoo is fabulous and does its part for animal conservation. I do go back and forth – pro zoo? not pro zoo? but  I do have to realize that even though the zoo environments are not EXACTLY like what they would be in the wild – the animals in our zoo get great care and have a much longer life expectancy than they would roaming around the wilds of Africa or Asia.

And our zoo is free. There are paid things to do WITHIN our zoo – but you can go to our zoo and not spend a drop of money. Which is what we like to do!

It’s funny taking other kids to the zoo. Jaia and I were raring and ready to go all day. The friends – not so much. Two hours in (mind you – 1/2 an hour of this visit was sitting and eating lunch. ) – they were “tired” and done in. And they kept dropping hints about things  –

I wish we could go into the children’s zoo.

I wish we could go see the stingrays –

Funny, funny girls. These, of course, are the paid exhibits. LOL!

We saw rhinos, hippos, capybaras, cheetahs, hyenas, penguins, elephants (7 of them – a few new babies!)  a polar bear – AND we only made it 1/3 of the way through the zoo –

Elephants and miss cheetah.


Penguins  – I was trying to get a pic of jaia taking a pic of the chilly birds.


We ended up at a state park playing in the stream for the rest of the afternoon where they collected rocks and played frisbee with one someone had left behind.

All in all – it was a good day 🙂

Bright Blessings!

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