What a week!

We made it! After that crazy, driving frenzy, chaotic week that was last week, I dropped into bed last night exhausted. I tried reading. Tried. Ha!

Jaia and I and some friends, after a quick dance class in the morning, headed down to Kentucky for a quick turn around and feis. We tried leaving early enough to enjoy some afternoon in Louisville but really only had an hour or so of time to wander. We picked an area and headed down after unloading the car –

First we hit Churchill Downs.  of course.

Where we saw the resting place of Barbaro –

Afterwards we heading out to dinner –


Pizza was awesome – salad was so so. All served on Styrofoam plates (yuck!)

Saturday was early to rise to head to the Kentucky Convention center were dancing commenced!

Putting on make up  and waiting, waiting, waiting for her turn.

This feis actually went very smoothly – from beginning to end, there were no bumps or bruises and we were finished by 2.


None of the clark dancers that were there did wonderfully buy Jaia did end up getting a 3rd in her treble jig. This is the hard shoe dance she’s had the most difficult time with and I thought that place would come at the “end” of the feis season.  She also got a 5th in her slip jig and placed 6th ish in her reel (but no ribbons – score wise she was just below the fifth place girl).

She wants to qualify for the Oireachtas this year (big competition) so she needs to place in the three main dances – reel, hornpipe, slip jig and treble jig. She has three of the four! Only the slip jig to go!

After the feis we explored a bit more –

Ice-cream for the “winner” –

And the oldest bookshop in Louisville –

Father’s Day was lazy – doing whatever my husband wanted (within reason of course:) but hiking and bbq were on the list!

This week is much, much calmer!

Bright Blessings!

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