First day of summer

June 20th brought us outside, in the heat, for a bonfire.


You must celebrate the first day of summer with fire right?  Even if it’s already 98 degrees outside.

Jaia loves bonfires, more specifically, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores OVER the fire but hey…. we won’t argue the reasons for bonfires okay? ( I also used this time to burn some of those awful credit card applications we seem to get daily!)

I have no idea why she made that super silly face at me.


My first and only s’more of the evening. Charred marshmallow (the correct way to roast them of course) on brownie brittle.

OMG you’ve GOT to try that!  It’s a little sweet, almost too sweet, but yummy nonetheless – I think I’ll try chocolate chip cookies next time –

It was a pleasant way to ring in the longest day of the year. It’s kinda sad though, to realize that from here on out the days get shorter and shorter…

I guess that means another bonfire on the shortest day – yes?

Bright Blessings!

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