Bits and Pieces

I’ve been organizing in the basement this past week.Well off and on for months really but it’s a dull job so I make sure I space out the work accordingly 🙂  We are wanting to create another living space, to meditate, to exercise, to game or put together puzzles….

This week I was going through old school work of the girls, specifically Rowan, since she’s “finished” with high school!  Well – when she gets that science finished anyway ….

It was too cute looking back at all we did. Water color painting. Reading and illustrating. Lap books…..

I think the one on the right was from our study on the Greeks………

I kept a lot of the drawings – but tossed stuff like math worksheets or science workbooks…

It was bittersweet.

This school year I will peruse curriculums with only one child in mind.

This week found us at home a lot as well, with most of Rowan’s ROSL sessions cancelled due to excessive heat – almost 100 degrees!!!

Jaia and I worked on more of our painting course..

I’m personally working on going with the flow, feeling the colors, etc… the ONLY art I ever had in school was – copy this. use these colors. cut and paste just like the picture…..

So not art. This is hard for me because right now I don’t trust the process. I’m working on it.

And last but not least – Fabulous girls –

and the dog that conquered momma –

Bright Blessings


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