Exploring the Hometown……

So this summer is passing by slowly for my smallest. She’s the one who is constantly wanting to “go somewhere” or “do something”. This past week I was able to arrange some play dates with friends so that was all good, and I did drag her along to yoga one morning so we could go to a park “with a playground” after.  (she sat in the hallway and read, did NOT want to DO yoga with me)

Afterwords – We discovered a new to us coffee shop and treated ourselves before playing in the park.


Cute coffee shop and their brownie and cream soda were Pretty tasty!


We had a fabulous, relaxing morning and I’ve decided that at least one day each week we will escape the home and explore our hometown! St. Louis has so many wonderful hidden gems that we need to (re)discover some of them!

AND the majority of them are FREE! we only need to pack food or buy lunch.

We’ve visited the zoo once already this summer – but I know that’s on the list again for miss Jaia.

Also on our list –

Creve Coeur Park – apparently they have “Go Ape treetop adventure” that J wants to do –

Grants’ Farm

Cherokee Street

Historic St. Charles

  • and http://www.rareseeds.com

Baker Creek Heirloom seeds  – we missed out going last year so we’ll go this year -It isn’t exactly close but it’s only  a three (ish?) hour drive – Totally doable as a day trip – but if we hit the seed store we need to hit Laura Ingall Wilder’s house which is just 10 minutes away from the seed store!

Also – any local coffee shop! So if I’m out and about and I need a fix – then we’re hitting the local places!

The list is  far, far from complete but hey – it’s a start right!?

Have a super safe and fun  weekend!


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