Shortly after the 4th, which was lovely, relaxing and had some yummy food, my husband had to make a short business trip to North Carolina – with and extended day to visit a friend and train – I decided to tag along.

Have you ever been?? I had NOT and that’s why I decided to go. We got the girls organized and packed and headed out.

We stayed in Raleigh and it’s a beautiful, clean town. NOT a whole lot going on but it was a pleasant visit.

Thursday I wandered and went in a few, local shops. I love to seek out the local shops and support them when I can.

They had this neat little art space where artists rented out room to work and then sold their creations! So beautiful!

I kid you not – I was so hot and sweaty after my explorations that when I returned to the hotel I showered and washed necessities in the sink!

Friday I hit the Natural History Museum and the NC History Museum – both of which are FREE to wander around in.

There ARE some tasty restaurants downtown! I had lunch at a Manhattan Cafe on Friday –

Salad and Pasta for lunch –

Saturday I did some more shopping as my hubby trained –

in some cute town about 30 minutes from Raleigh.

I found a few things 🙂 – Tomorrow I’ll show you what I brought home with me!

I always look for local shops – bookstores,fabric stores, you name it. I find they give you the best taste of the town that you are visiting.

It was a fantastically, short getaway – much needed and the girls were willing to let me go and arranged all rides they would need for the 4 days I was away.

We’re back to normal this week – I’m starting to filter through curriculum- I only have one to teach this year!

I hope everyone is staying cool!

Bright Blessings –

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