“Summer Camp”

So last week, Jaia came to me and asked if there were any summer camps she could participate in.  Well, my jaw hit the floor because each and every previous summer I’ve offered some sort of summer camp to her. She’d usually poopoo them and so I dropped it – This summer she asked! OIY!

So Monday she sat down and created her own “summer camp” here at home – Painting, watching Paradise (check it out! – Netflix), sewing, baking, crafting etc….

Yesterday we broke out the paper cutter and made bookmarks – Easy peasy – wallpaper pages from an outdated book (got mine from the teacher supply center) – glue and embroidery thread –

We also practiced our painting –

I’m not fond of the finished product there on the right – 😦

Jaia paints unabashedly and I fret and fix and try to make it “perfect” –

Then I declared it was time to Jaia to entertain herself and that I was NOT here to keep her entertained all day!

Today she’s at dance camp and tomorrow is “summer camp” at home again!

Bright Blessings!

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