What a week –

Last week was such an emotional week for us – We lost power for about 26 hours last Wednesday when a big, fast moving storm rolled through and knocked down hundreds of trees – although from what I’ve heard, others had lost there’s for much, much longer  – an acquaintance for 72 hours!!


Rowan’s old pet rat got sick quickly over last weekend and I took her to the vet on Tuesday – she was put on meds for an infection but I think the infection and old age got the better of her and she passed late in the night Saturday.

Late Sunday afternoon on the way to pick up Rowan – I found the cutest little guy running down the center of the road. I stopped to grab him and brought him home until I could get him to a rescue place.

I have to say that in the 20 hours we had him – I must have fallen hard for this little guy. I knew we couldn’t make him a member of our house (although I will if I have to!) but regardless – dropping him off Monday at Animal Control was the hardest thing ever. I bawled all the way home. And all night.  I know in my heart they’ll either find his owner OR adopt him out to a good home – who doesn’t want that adorable face?!

(reasons 1, 2 and 3 a 4th would be difficult)

Although amidst all this chaos and pain – we had some fun moments – Friday I met a friend (met a camp!) for lunch and I kid you not – we talked for 4 hours! It was great – I am so pleased to have met a new friend –

Saturday we went bowling with family  –


And Monday after dropping Mr. Jones off , a friend and I took our daughters to the American Girl store where they each bought a new Wellie Wisher.

IMG_1401 (1)

They were so flipping cute! Then we went home and played and made clothes! LOL!

And Jaia has dance camp this week!

I hope you had an uneventful week!

Bright Blessings!


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