I can feel myself spiraling down into a bit of a depressed state again . I’m not 100% sure why –  well maybe it’s been the lack of “me” time once  again. Setting aside yoga or cycling hours to drive my children around sometimes hits its tolls on me. I have to remind myself that now it’s just temporary and everyone is OKAY with me taking the time for myself.  I hadn’t gone to yoga all of last week and I’ve barely made time to go riding since Jaia’s been out of dance class.

Maybe it’s also the lack of cleaning up after themselves  – as my almost grown up children leave a trail of bowls, plates, cups, and towels all around – grrrr….

Today, however, I dragged, dragged! myself to yoga. I was seriously on my way to talking myself out of it. But I went and it was fabulous. I emerged from class, slightly lighter – I treated myself to a coffee (electricity out again this morning!) and a book from the local bookstore just down from the yoga studio –


It was a splurge and I cannot wait to sit and page through it.

I am also going to my first ever sewing guild meeting tomorrow! I’m super excited and I may drag Jaia along with me since Row will be at the barn. And! And! I start back to work on Wednesday – the first job I’ve had in 5 or more years – since my husband took his consulting/traveling job.

And it’s at a fabric shop no less!

I worked on jaia’s “solo dress” again today – I made some adjustments to make the pattern bigger which I really did not need to do – so the next attempt won’t be with the adjustments –

I kinda, sorta looks like a solo dress 🙂 Very loosely.  I’ll try again another day. I may attempt to create princess seams instead of darts next time –

Then Jaia caught the sewing bug! (she set up the sewing machine up in her bedroom- but then went down to use mine! )

And I had her start with a strait skirt. Fashion show to be determined 🙂

We’ve ended the day with pasta a glass of wine for me:) and possibly a piece of pie before I eschew all flour product once again –

Tomorrow will be a brighter day for me  – making that time to go to the sewing guild and yoga in the PM if all falls into place! Gotta make that me time!

Bright Blessings!


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