Today is a good day – Today I awoke to a quite house. The television was off and lights were not blaring.

I have children who get up and take care of themselves – and throw laundry in when you ask 🙂

And today I start my job! my JOB! lol! I am excited and nervous all rolled into one. (normal – yes?)  But it’s at a local fabric shop so who’s gonna complain? It’s just experience, experience that maybe someday, may lead me to owning my OWN fabric shop. LOVE.

This opportunity kind of fell into my lap and I have to thank my sister for sending me that little Instagram post of them (a quilting store) inquiring for help. I’m happy I had the confidence to email them even though I don’t quilt – but sew clothing and bags….. And ecstatic that they thought the pictures I sent of thing I had sewn were fabulous!

This is all about –

Personal growth ….. ……. personal growth.

Less mom   – more woman.

Yesterday Jaia and I went to a sewing guild meeting. It was…….. Interesting, I have to say.

I was probably one of the younger ones there and the speaker talked about all the different ways to serge clothing  – so – useful yes! But most of the examples were from the 80’s  – vests and long skirts and suede!  Jaia took along some fabric and sewed doll pants while listening to the meeting.

I think I’ll join 🙂

Wish me Luck!






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