Monday, Monday

It’s funny how a blog post idea can change from morning to night.

I’m sitting here with Jaia, eating Tacos and watching an old movie with Fred Astaire. Movies she and I love to watch but no one else really does. We are the only ones home tonight  –  (and also Gilmore Girls)

My husband is out having dinner with an old co-worker.

And for the second night in a row, Rowan is at the mall working at her new JOB! I am super excited for her and a wee bit nostalgic for that baby I had not so long ago. She’s now 18, working part time, signed up for (community) college, and I can see, that in the not so distant future, that she’ll be moving out. (I find this funny as my sister is also lamenting the “grown up boy” she has (who is only 6 1/2) LOL!

Friday was 6-flags day for our family. Usually the whole family goes. My parents, sister, brother and all spouses and children. But it was only Jaia and I who went and joined in the fun again this summer – Row and my hubby are not necessarily the “theme park” goers.

We took our lunch, though, and sat outside the park. It was nice respite from the heat and crowds. And much better food, in my opinion:)

I worked on a cute new dress for jaia this weekend – I’m not too sure if i’m going to finish or not – the bow on the front is throwing me off, assembly wise,  and I’m not sure if  Jaia is going to wear it or not… Often times I go through making something and then it sits in closest.  But the fabric is super cute and thin! I had to line the bodice it was that thin.

Working with darts too – super fun!

August commitments to myself – yoga, yoga and more yoga – at least 30 to 60 minutes of sewing time per day? Reading. I need to up my reading. One nonfiction and one fiction book per fortnight.  We’ll see how that goes. I’ve been starting many, many books but not finishing them. Meditation!  A must!  July was a hard month for taking care of myself and I need to get back in that groove!

Ahh… Nighttime posting – so chaotic 🙂

Bright Blessings!

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