Thoughts –

Today is my day to GO TO WORK.

What an odd thing for me to say – for 18 years my work has been attached to me in various forms. Nursing, co-sleeping, baby wearing, homeschooling. It was hard, but rewarding work. I both discovered myself as a “mom”, but lost myself as a “woman”.

I’m taking the woman back now. I’ve got to figure out who *I* am now. Building that self confidence back up – finding my non mom focused personality. This small, part time position will help me in doing that.  And sewing guild and yoga etc……

My mom job is no less important by any means. But at 13 and 18 the  “hands on” portion of child rearing is becoming less and less. My mom job is changing in focus.   Rowan has her own job and will be starting school in the fall – and Jaia – well jaia is a very motivated self learner and is anxiously awaiting new curriculums so she can start NOW.

It’s making this transition so much easier.

Kind of.

Yesterday jaia and I and a friend of hers went wandering around  the mall. I tried on lots of clothes and Jaia wasted her money on puffy ball head bands. Don’t ask – I wasn’t there to talk her out of it  –

Then we went to see Ghostbusters! (funny movie, stupid jokes)

It was a good day with my Jaia.

Bright Blessings –



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