Foldover biscuits

or semi-homemade turnovers.

Jaia is my breakfast girl. She likes bacon, sausage, not-sausage patties or links, eggs, toast, pancakes etc.. you name it- for breakfast. She likes and needs a meal to keep her going.

Very infrequently, I buy a container of pre-made buttermilk biscuits from Trader joes – they’re handy to have and easy on mornings when Jaia wants to make breakfast.

This morning Jaia wanted to make biscuits so I suggested she make biscuit turnovers!

I’m sure this recipe is not an original 😉

We only made 2 turnovers since Jaia wasn’t too sure how they would taste – they’re pretty simple to make  – simply take a biscuit and roll it flat with a rolling pin. As thin as you can make it – (if you thin it’s too thin then you may need to roll more)

Add your filling  – We took about 6 strawberries and smooshed them up – added sugar to taste, but you could you chocolate, jam, pesto and cheese, mozzarella and cheese! Any combination really. These could be breakfast or an easy peasy on the go lunch.

Fold over, wet the edges and crimp with a fork –

Bake according to the package directions –

Jaia thought they were very yummy (but needed rolling thinner.)

I’m off for work day number 2!

Bright Blessings!

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