Fun Fabrics

Well working in a Fabric shop is already having its little perks! Friday when I went in, there was a stack of fabrics on an upstairs table. I didn’t really give it much glance, other than to give it a once over and pick out some cute patterns. I’d assumed they were a work in progress for some quilter.

I was wrong! Turns out that they were “feed cloth” fabric yardage that someone had giving the shop. The owner told us the stack was up for grabs , so my co-worker and I headed up to choose a few styles.

I think I took six and told the owner I’d be happy to take the rest once everyone has had an opportunity to go through and make their selections.

My stack!

My favorites –

I hope there are squares left for me to snatch on Wednesday!

I’m trying to decide what exactly to make with these  –  a huge quilt with just squares? Zipper pouches? Tote bags (might be cute)? or even just putting them up on Etsy as is.

Each fabric has a few flaws – which I think adds to the character of each piece. And you can tell they’ve been folded for a while – the fold crease and top portion are a tad faded. Neither of which bother me – Character 🙂

And on another note – Jaia is super excited her history is here for this school year.


Sorry it’s sideways 🙂 Now to figure out science and math!

Happy Monday!


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