The Dangers of working in a Fabric Shoppe

My second week of work went by quickly and smoothly! I’m very much enjoying my job at the fabric store! Every week I get to sniff, pet, touch, and just look at all those wonderful fabrics that are out there! Wednesday got a shipment in of the new Cotton and Steel Les Fleurs line –

We didn’t get all of it but I think we got 8? fabrics….. I brought home 3 of them on Thursday and there’s one more I’m contemplating –

I “needed” to get my yardage before the bolts were gone you see!?


This one at the bottom is by FAR my favorite – can you tell why ? 🙂 and it was going fast! There could not have been more than 2 or 3 yards left when I went on Friday.

I’m not sure what I’m going to make with these but at least I have my yardage!  LOL! I hope they don’t bring in too many more cute fabrics by Cotton and Steel! I can see the money flowing right back to the shop – Lol!

I’m also cutting a lot – A LOT of fat squares – it’s the life of a fabric shop 🙂 pre- cut and paired bundles of fabric for quilters!

They may make a quilter out of me yet!

On another note – buying curriculum for only one girl this year is a new experience for me – Usually I’m choosing and buying for 2 – but only purchasing for one this time around gives me a few more options – We have our history, science and math (I think) picked out and on it’s way. I think I’m adding Civics, Literature, typing, spelling and geography still this year – Jaia is super excited and can’t wait for her school supply list to come!

Happy Sunday! It’s raining here but we are still headed to the barn – oiy!

I’m hoping to fit in some sewing with those awesome feed sack fabric pieces I got last week!

Bright Blessings!

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