Wet and Dreary?

It’s a wet, wet, Monday morning here in Missouri – the house is still dark, my children are still in bed. Although I hear a small dog ready to out and about.

The lights are still off and I’ve enjoyed an hour! of quite solitude. The TV is off, coffee and laptop in hand.

It’s truly far from dreary for me though  – I love,love a good rainy day. It lends itself to movies, books, games and baking –  (when I have the luxury of actually staying at home)

This is my absolute favorite time of any day, any week. I wish I could make it a daily ritual – but it’s one that occurs when only my husband is traveling –

The children are starting to emerge.

We are off to the barn  this morning or early afternoon – Rowan’s horse,  Pharma, has had her stifles injected again which means 10 days of barn time – at least 20 minutes of trot work – Please don’t ask -I’m still not clear 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in some sewing, some yoga amid the errands and private lessons, trips to the barn  and “meetings” although the rain does not lend a helping hand to “hurrying” today.  We’ll be moving at a snails pace as the only place we have to be anywhere at a certain time –  is dance.

Keep your fingers crossed for me  –

I printed up Purl SoHo’s  “city gym shorts for all ages”


pattern last night – and while I sat and watched Drop Dead Diva (my new favorite binge) , I cut and taped it together –



I’m hoping to make a pair for Jaia –  (I’ll let ya know how it goes)

Have a wonderful Monday!



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