just moving right along……

I allowed myself to sleep in late this morning. 7:45!! I dragged myself out of bed to an already up and awake house – not pleasant. Dogs had to pee and girls were already moving about. No quite start today.

The past 2 weeks have been nonstop running around it seems. Here and there and to the barn and back and to dance and back and to work and back. OIY!

This week has been much, much slower – We went to a friends house to play and plan and this morning I am actually enjoying TIME before heading off to work –

But we still have feis prep going on – Since this is the feis that our dance school is hosting, we, the parents, do a lot of volunteer work. I coordinate the vendors and this year I (and another mom) am also preparing the judge/musician welcome bags – So the running around picking up orders is this week – The stuff we’re including in the bags is AWESOME! I will show you later on this week!

I certainly hope next week is slower slower.

Saturday,  I met with my sister and her friend to make the “sew together bag”  –


We thought it would be easier and more fun with friends  – and it was 🙂


My choice of fabrics –  So flipping cute – I bought extra of the bubble gum wrapper one to make a “normal” zipper bag. It’s too cute to pass up really –

Cutting and assembling –

More cutting and assembling –

I actually did not get to finish this bag – it’s a very – not complicated – but there are a lot of steps to this bag. I had to pack up and head out due to a shoe emergency (Rowan/work) – very irritating.

My sister and her friend met again on Sunday to finish, while I ripped mine apart at dance last night. Things were NOT evening out and I think it would have thrown off the final zipper placement – so I ripped and will reassemble when I have more time – HA!

I will keep you posted on bag progress or if I throw in the towel!

Any sewing projects your way?

Bright Blessings!



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