bag making

Behind the scenes Feis Prepping – The things you don’t see when simply attending other Feisianna –

Last night Jaia and I, and a my bag making cohort, sat at the dance studio and assembled bags, while other moms assembled judges books, stage books and numbers for side stage-

It was a crazy mess –

We took over the lobby – bag making supplies and stacks of numbers were all over the place – Numbers needed to go (in order of dance ) in large binders for the stage helpers – There were about 50 numbers missing so more had to be printed up  – Stage assembly and all that jazz are happening today!

The small bags are “first aid” kits, tissues, hand sanitizer, tums (a St. Louis brand), mints, gum, bandaids, etc… Anything you may need in a pinch while traveling.

We had the kiddos decorate the bags during classes and Jaia laid out all the goodies for each bag and helped us assemble them –

We went with a St. Louis theme – Mug with Missouri in pink and St. Louis marked with a black heart (discovered on Etsy and made by a local), St. Louis made cookies, potato chips, roasted coffee, tea, and our very own cake – the gooey butter cake – made by me 🙂  AND last but not least – a CD of some BLUES music, since it’s a big thing here in “the Lou”.

Funny thing – I’m not really a Blues music fan and I seriously did not know that gooey butter cake was a St. Louis happy mistake (and cake staple) until a few years ago. Here’s the recipe  I used –

and I’ve lived here ALL MY LIFE  – lolol!

Also included in the bags was a “packet” of informational stuffs – downtown map, list of restaurants, some coupons etc….

The bags turned out super cute and I really, really, hope the judges like them –

And just because I had an extra 10 minutes – I whipped up some “lanyards” for our kiddos who are feis buddies (older girls who help out the beginners before they go on stage) –


I put name tag holders on them so the moms of the littles can find the biggers to help 🙂

I need to make 4 more –

You may not hear from me until Monday so HAPPY WEEKEND!

Wish Jaia luck! She only need to place in her slip jig in order to go to the Oireachtas!

Bright Blessings –

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