Feis Weekend Results

Well, this past weekend was a complete bomb – we were bummed and slightly irritated.  The entire weekend she placed a 4th and a 5th – I know that it’s judges discretion so Jaia was not filling some portion of something the judges were looking for but darn! It’s hard to watch your friends place over and over again while you don’t.  Jaia seems to be falling pretty consistently middle of the pack – so at least not last.

However! We have had some good discussion on whether there’s some mental “road block” as to WHY she’s not just making the corrections she needs to be making. Simple things like pointing or looking up.

I *think* there is some fear about moving up to the next level – It’s harder, the judges judge much harsher and it’s a lot of hard work.

I know she can do it – but I think Jaia is afraid of that leap.

We’ll work on it.

On a different note – the judges LOVED their goody bags according to Jaia’s teacher so that made me pleased.

Bright Blessings!

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