Month: September 2016

Unexpected days at home

This week we had some unexpected days at home. Which we had, for not fun reasons, but really  – they came to be very welcome nonetheless  – Saturday Rowan missed barn work because she woke with a major headache – so bad that standing made her nauseous. I handed her an ibuprofen, nixed the barn […]


go go go

This has been one crazy week – but you know what – I’ve been good all week! Not (very) stressed. Being able to make yoga class twice this week really has helped.  And a glass of wine with dinner. I’m letting go of having a clean and tidy house right now because it’s just not […]


Women’s Weekend and reentry

So Women’s weekend was fabulous once again. My experience this time was completely different than April. When I attended in April, I was coming from a much darker place  – A place of personal growth and a year into rebuilding our marriage. I cried a lot. This year, I am still coming from personal growth […]