Short sewing

Monday I had a few hours free so I finished the Purl Soho shorts pattern I had printed the week before.

I used some old corduroy that I had sitting on my shelf just because this was to be my trial pair and I didn’t want to cut into anything I really liked – I was also trying binding for probably the second time ever –

I must have purchased this material at Joann’s or something because it’s been on my shelf for YEARS – years –

Up the center pieces and then across the crotch.

They came together super easy! And the binding was no issue at all! I just used store bought double folded bias tape. I was NOT going to make my own with this material. I found one that worked – It’s not perfect but it works.

Before waist band and attaching the band.

They really turned out super, super cute and I may (MAY) actually make a pair for myself (we’ll see).

Sorry for the poor, yellowy pictures   –

I am pleased! I do need to sew the elastic down just a bit because as soon as Jaia put them on it TURNED! Ah! irritation of irritation!

Next up (hopefully)  – to finish that sew along bag that I had to rip apart and a bag for essential oils because I just may have a few not jam packed days next week.

Bright Blessings!


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