She did it

Well she did it! She qualified for the HUGE Irish Competition known as the Oireachtas – held over Thanksgiving weekend.

so now it begins.

Lessons every Saturday.

New wig.

New dress – either bought or rented (hopefully)

We already have new soft and hard shoes.


She placed 2nd place across the board! (except for reel that is).

When I discovered she’d placed in her slip jig (the only dance that was left that she needed to place in in order to qualify), I took a picture of the sheet and snuck up to side stage where she was waiting to go next. OH the look on her face was priceless! I could have cried!

We are super excited! This was her goal this year, next year the goal is to move up to PC level dancing. (OIY!)

After the feis, we hit the Irish festival to have some fun and celebrate –

I had my funnel cake and LOVED the balloons in the Gaelic Storm concert!

Sunday’s drive home was quick and uneventful  – stopping halfway home in Columbia, Missouri for lunch –

We had a fabulous weekend and topped it all off by doing absolutely NOTHING yesterday!

Well  – a nice walk with my husband and lunch and some work on that sew together bag – but nothing serious 🙂

Today school starts 🙂

Bright Blessings!

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