Nothing in particular

Jaia and I are hanging out this morning at a coffee shop only 10 minutes from Rowan’s barn.


With our crazy schedules; Rowan’s work, my work, Jaia’s dance and soon to start homeschool classes, it’s been terribly difficult fitting in ride time for Rowan. Today I’m skipping yoga so my girl can get some riding in.

So J and I are sitting and enjoying some so/so food and she’s getting some school work in. We started officially on Tuesday and this girl is a superstar at getting her work done! Math, civics and Literature are on the agenda while we sit here this morning 🙂

This weekend I’m away again to my second Women’s Weekend – This time around I’m a little more apprehensive than back in April. I feel like talking myself out of going and staying home so I can get the girls to where they need to go. This is the feeling I have to constantly fight against – the need to ALWAYS put the girls first and my needs second.

I’m excited about this weekend but I can feel myself crawling back into that hole of not wanting to try anything new, of sticking with routine and familiarity, of stagnating.

I need to remember, though, that stagnating is all it is.  Don’t worry though – I won’t allow that feeling to take over!

Maybe this time around – I’ll be able to attempt kayaking!

My goal for September, since Augusts goals were a flop, – sew a top for myself! LOL! And I started a bag of the month club so guess I’ll be sewing some bags!

Bright Blessings




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