Women’s Weekend

This weekend is women’s weekend. It’s my second time going and this time around I *think* I know what to expect – Connection, confronting personal issues, connection, reclaiming oneself,  exercise, being outdoors,  and good food.

This time around I’m filled with trepidation.  And I. don’t. know. why.

I’m falling back into old set defeating habits –

I haven’t taken the time for myself lately. Yoga has been sporadic. Meditation nonexistent.  I simply haven’t had the time to GO to yoga. The girls have been super busy lately and there are days I’m the sole chauffeur.

And it totally could be that I am dwelling on what is “wrong” and not what is right – which is most of my life 🙂  I admit to being a super lucky lady.

I am really, really hoping that this weekend I CAN reclaim some of that which I have lost again and come home more centered.

And there will be drumming.

Drumming is always good.

The organizers are having a sharing basket again and once more I am making things to go in that basket.  You put something/you take something.

A super cute “apothecary” pouch and a roller ball bottle of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli 🙂

Check out the lining !


I hope that whoever chooses these things really enjoys them 🙂

See – the more I talk and the more I type the more I work myself out of my funk!

Bright Blessings and I’ll see everyone back her Monday!




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