Women’s Weekend and reentry

So Women’s weekend was fabulous once again. My experience this time was completely different than April. When I attended in April, I was coming from a much darker place  – A place of personal growth and a year into rebuilding our marriage. I cried a lot.

This year, I am still coming from personal growth (aren’t  we always growing and changing?) but although I have so much to work on still, I think it was easier this time around for me.

We also had such different breakout sessions this time so no place to confront personal communication issues.  I did shamanic dreamwork, breath work, chakra yoga and kundalini yoga. We ate fabulous food (so much better than last time) and I met so many wonderful women.

There was belly dancing (and drumming – I drummed), swimming, and ropes coursing (next year!).  And singing around the bonfire with s’mores – because WHY NOT?!   We sang everything from Mantras to show tunes 🙂

Yurts and way lovely greenery.


The wigwam  – where yoga, mediation, sound ceremony, drumming, bellydancing and all things sacred take place.

Monday’s reentry into the real world was OKAY. I’m making it a point of Monday being the stay at home day so we have a good start to the school week. It was going great until I showed up to Jaia’s private lesson 1.5 hours early! L0L! I had to laugh at myself –

I came home determined once again – to love myself and to put my growth first (okay when I can – I do still have children!)

The next Woman’s weekend – April! Already on the calendar –



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