go go go

This has been one crazy week – but you know what – I’ve been good all week! Not (very) stressed.

Being able to make yoga class twice this week really has helped.  And a glass of wine with dinner.

I’m letting go of having a clean and tidy house right now because it’s just not happening! I’m staring at a basket of towels waiting to be folding – I’m lucky to vacuum each day and that CANNOT be put off with 3 dogs! And I have 3 bookshelves to put together – oiy!

It’s been one of those dropping and driving and picking up and dropping and driving and picking up types of weeks. And a lot of eating out crap food (and Ikea cinnamon rolls) because of it. Jaia started 2 class days this week – Normally the class days will alter weeks but for some reason they both fell this week – making it a packed week. Monday was our only easy day:)  Tuesday we made it over for Rowan to ride –  Wednesday  – well – Wednesday was a wine day 🙂

However I’m loving my job in the quilt shop!

Sewing has been nonexistent – which is a bummer because I STILL  need to finish my sew together pouch, and I have some new cute fabric for another pair of city shorts.

The search for a new solo dress has been the most stressful! We have a budget and finding a nice dress that fits our budget and jaia’s body has been one that I don’t want to repeat. She tried on 3 or 4 at dance but none were just “right” and several were WAY more than we could spend.

I finally, FINALLY found one that I like that her teacher is okay with (hopefully) out of England and the wonderful woman is asking a very reasonable price for it – I will post pictures when all details are finalized and we get it!

This weekend is my husbands weekend to play so it’s the girls and I!

Hopefully your weeks are not as jam packed as mine can be!




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