Finally Finished IT!

Since Jaia was down and out for a few days I had some unexpected free time – no driving around, no dance, no school. I finally got around to tackling that last bit of sewing for the “sew together bag”. I simply had to sew the tabs onto the ends of the zippers and stitch them down. It took about 20 minutes.

But it’s finally finished and I’m pleased with the final result – the binding is so wonky and I can’t help compare it to my sister’s perfect binding – but alas – she quilts and I do NOT! This was, I kid you not, my SECOND attempt at binding anything (the first was the pair of shorts), so I guess I cannot be too critical of my work. The rest of the bag is super cute and I have enough bubble gum fabric to make a zipper pouch  –


The inside pouches are all the same, but the zippers are different –

I kinda like it:)

I had time to begin 2 more goddess zipper pouches – I’m using the cute green and white stripe to line these!


Should I make a bubble gum pouch as well?

Love and light! (and keep your fingers crossed that the thieves oil and oregano oil bombs keep this nasty cold away from me!)



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