Unexpected days at home

This week we had some unexpected days at home. Which we had, for not fun reasons, but really  – they came to be very welcome nonetheless  –

Saturday Rowan missed barn work because she woke with a major headache – so bad that standing made her nauseous. I handed her an ibuprofen, nixed the barn morning and whisked jaia off to dance.

As a result – Saturday was NOT a mess of running and dropping and picking up and I actually had an hour or two to devote to finishing my sew together bag –

I am NOT so good at putting binding on – but really – this was my second time EVER putting binding on anything – and it being a pouch with about 4 layers of fabric in there…… oiy!

I’m still not finished.

Sunday morning Jaia woke up sick. Chills, low grade fever, gak running down her throat – you know fun-ness.

She curled up on the sofa watching hours of Gilmore Girls while both Rowan and I had to work. I felt so bad leaving her alone but she was so good.

Monday the private lesson and school were  nixed and she curled up again with Rory and Lorelai.

She’s still fighting off the bug with sniffles now, (as am I) – but I started taking oregano oil and thieves oil immediately. It’s about time for me to brew more elderflower tincture!

So maybe next time  – time at home WITHOUT being sick –

bright blessings




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