Jaia was invited to go roller skating Friday evening – ROLLER SKATING! Oh my – do you remember rollerskating?? – Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer on the speakers and going around and around. Never being able to tackle going reverse on your skates! Oh the memories.

Jaia loved it! and would love, love to go again. And again. And again .  (and met and made a new friend! – LOVE IT)

We called it a night early (10:00) because Jaia needed to be in dance practice early the next morning –

Saturday after dance practice Jaia and hit The Strange Folk Festival –


It was hot and I was sweaty but J and I enjoyed looking and shopping and eating!

We meandered up and down the rows of vendors – I always enjoy looking at the wonderful items crafted by others and making mental christmas lists for myself -:)  Art work I cannot do – like pottery or painting – always catches my eye and yearning.

But I was good and only bought yummies (and soap – I love handmade soap)

How was your weekend!?

Bright blessings!

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