Best of Missouri


For years I talked myself out of doing anything “fun”. Out of evening concerts and balloon glows, craft fairs and gatherings. Part of if was when my hubby poo-pooed it, I didn’t go.

I didn’t go but then usually regretted it. I know! I know! Remember I lost a lot of myself as a stay at home mom for a while. And while it didn’t happen with everything thing I wanted to do, it happened “enough”  – but  I’m learning though and jumping back into living –

SO – earlier this week when my sister said she had two extra tickets for Best of Missouri

at the Botanical Gardens my first thought was “no” – BUT then I decided YES! and I knew at least Jaia would love to go with me.

And I super happy we went. The weather was perfect and the company was fun (my sister, B-I-L, Mom, Dad and nephew) .  We looked at so many beautiful things. Jewelry, pottery, sweaters, and  plants. We tasted chocolate, sausages, honey, wine…..

Plants for future purchase and those necklaces are totally going on my christmas list.

Loved the recycled “bugs” and I ended up buying some of these cute plackets on the right (pics tomorrow!)

Jaia loved, loved the hats (too pricy) and I decided I need one of those bee barns in the spring. (or 4 or 5).

Jaia was beginning to get “hangry” here so I had to whisk her away for food! We ended up at Ikea for lunch (meh) with the bunch and wandered around there for a few hours as well. (oiy!)

We ended the day cozied up with Ikea Cinnamon rolls and homemade chicken and dumpling soup!

Over all it was a busy but fun, fun weekend! I did NOT get that shirt traced off like I had planned but sometimes you have just get out for fun!

How was YOUR weekend?

Bright Blessings!


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