OH spending money!

As promised – pictures of what I bought at Best of Missouri! I have to say I’m pretty picky about what I buy at craft shows – Anything *I* can sew I pass up ( not that I will sew it but then that probably means I don’t really need it)  – but soap? I LOVE handmade soap! I didn’t buy any at BOM but I did buy some at Strange folk – Jewelry – especially locally made, beautiful jewelry! Well –  I don’t always BUY  – it but this time it’s going on my “christmas” list.

I did buy three of these cute little wall hangings – They’re replicas of old postcards glued onto  wooden plaques –

Chocolate with Grand Marnier liqueur – yum – and these super cute, warm gloves for Jaia!      (or me if I get to them first when it’s cold!)

I was certainly not a big spender this time around – I’m trying very hard to limit my purchases to needs vs. wants but sometimes, sometimes, it’s nice to indulge!

What are your favorite things to buy when at craft fairs – and what things do you pass up?

Bright Blessings!


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