Fun things

Well Jaia’s new solo dress is in the mail and should be here TODAY! Needless to say we are super excited to see it and jaia can’t wait to try it on.  But of course, I’m still having doubts, but who doesn’t when they commit to buying a dress, ANY dress, from across the pond, without being able to try it on first?

I hope it gets here soon.

I hope it gets here in one piece.

This past week has been crazy – full day on Wednesday, class on Thursday, full day today as well, but we’ve squeezed in a few fun things –


We got a few games of Othello in – I won one and Jaia won another!


I finally got around to tracing off that pattern I’ve been wanting to sew for weeks! (and I cut part of it out too!)

And we went to our pop-up trunk class.  A friend and I had this super fun idea of having the kids create “pop-up” shops using old suitcases – we are stripping the inside, painting the outside and creating stores were they can sell whatever their hearts desire. We are exploring ways of holding a sale before christmas!

Here’s the inside of Jaia’s trunk – “shabby chic” – LOL!

What fun things have you been up to lately?

Bright Blessings!


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