This weekend was a combination of rest and business , a much needed, more relaxed weekend than we’ve been having. – There was no dance! (“everyone” else was competing), there was barn work, work work, and riding lessons! There was sewing, tv watching and resting. There was dress delivery and yoga. And let me mention  – that any weekend with yoga is a good weekend for momma.

Friday afternoon – after I picked up Jaia from a friends and before we headed to dance, she and I made it to the very last Food Truck Friday of the Season.

Where I pigged out on a PBLT (pork belly, lettuce and tomato) sandwich, a calzone (veggie), and a cupcake for dessert. And where Jaia found absolutely nothing for dinner so had to wait until after dance to eat and enjoy HER cupcake because we ran out of time.

Saturday someone’s dress arrived! She was bound and determined to NOT leave the house until it arrived, but knowing our mail doesn’t arrive until late in the afternoon, a quick trip to the library was in order.

The dress arrived LITERALLY as I was getting ready to take Rowan to work.


She’s super happy and I think we made the right decision:)

Sunday morning brought riding lessons in the beaming sunlight –

And  a sewing project for me that I’ve been putting off for years – because?????

I cut into some favorite fabric of mine and started the process!

It’s not 100% finished yet – but so far I’m liking the look.

I shall keep you posted…..

Bright Blessings and I hope you had a relaxing weekend as well!


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