Solitude and bits of life

It’s quite in my house this morning, with only dogs to keep me company (for now). One child is still snuggled in bed with her pup, another away at a sleepover and hubby is away on business. It’s been a busy week, but this morning is calm and quiet.

I love mornings like this.

I have my coffee.

I don’t turn on any lights.

I sit in natural light with the shades open  (or not).

I can sit. I can read. I can think.

These are my favorite mornings.

In a few minutes I’ll need to jump up to start my day. Showering, picking up the girl, stopping at the UPS store because we FINALLY got rid of  U-Verse (no expensive TV –  yay!! – We’ll be watching Netflix or Amazon from now on.), balancing checkbooks and making sure all is well in the house before I head out on errands and to work.

I don’t want the day to start. I want to sit here as long as I can.

Looking back – this has been a good week for me – even with getting the girls to where they needed to be each day – I’ve remembered to take the time for myself as well.

I made it to yoga twice this week –  I’m super happy. I also made it to a chiropractor! Something I’ve been putting off for years!!

I had lunch by myself once this week and I also took the girlies out for lunch – just because.

I feel like I don’t do this enough – just spend time with them – we’re so busy going, doing, running, working, riding, dancing, that we haven’t been taking the time to sit and enjoy each other. It was a good lunch.

I have a new sewing table – well a new tracing/cutting table! I am super excited to put it to work this weekend sewing Jaia’s halloween costume  –


It was time – Normally I trace on the floor but my 40 year old back is not going for that anymore! My little sewing corner is a work in progress. I’ll be switching my larger sewing table for a smaller one and this taller tracing table – I’m carving my niche.

Today is Friday, and the busy weekend is looming, looming. Always barn, dance, barn dance.

Where are you finding peace and solitude in your busy lives?

Bright Blessings  –

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