Life is moving busily along here –  School, work, classes, dance. School, work, classes, dance. I feel myself craving rest, craving down time. Waiting for December when every thing pauses for a month.  Dance takes a break, homeschool classes pause for a while.  We are so busy with classes and such that I can’t find the time for Jaia to just hang out and “play” with her friends. She needs that and socializing through classes is just not cutting it.  I also just need time where I can dedicate hours to putting up shelves or digging up a small hill – those small things that are so very often interrupted by picking up, or dropping off or heading out to work.

I squeezed in some hours Tuesday while we were home, to find a pattern and sew Jaia’s top of her halloween costume –

Vest (over a yellow top), skirt, and bunny ears. I also have fuzzy material that I made a band to go around the hat, arm “warmers” and a “scarf”.  I’m not super pleased with the top but Jaia likes it so hey – she’ll only wear it twice right? Since my button holer on my machine is acting funny, I need to add velcro instead and then add faux buttons to make it look like it’s buttoned closed –

I think it will be cute?

Bright Blessings!


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