A whole lot of nothin’

Jaia and I are currently sitting in a small coffee shop, gnashing on some mediocre grub while Rowan enjoys some ride time on her mare. The atmosphere is very nice  but the food is so so. It’s certainly not BAD food – we are simply used to more flavor in our eggs 🙂 and on our sandwiches. (and I honestly think the eggs are cooked,  frozen and then put in a convention oven to reheat when ordered).

Jaia is working on math while I,  I am perusing Facebook and Craftsy;  https://www.craftsy.com. I am looking for ways to improve my sewing skills.

It’s been a rough week with teens pushing some rules about chores (nothing serious – just silly), and momma here not making it to nearly as many yoga classes as I would like.  But visits to a new Chiropractor are helping immensely.

It’s late October – which means gorgeous weather and looming activities. Halloween is looming around the corner. Oireachtas dress rehearsal is looming on Sunday. Thanksgiving is looming and the OIREACHTAS are looming and will be here before we know it!

But I think the most exciting thing for Jaia looming right now is the new Gilmore Girls episode, airing right after Thanksgiving!

The dress has arrived, been approved and adjustments in fit have been made (by me!) – That was fun. “Don’t mess it up MOM!” was what I heard in the minutes before the dress made it’s way under the sewing machine needle. I convinced the teen child that I bought the dress (and I CERTAINLY don’t want to buy another one ) so it’s in MY best interest to NOT screw up the dress.


Dress rehearsal is Sunday –  which means complete O hair, makeup, spray tan (oh yes), socks and polished shoes.

New make up was purchased last night –


I told her I expect no less than first place after spending the amount on makeup that I just did!

I hope everyone is healthy and  happy!

Bright Blessings!



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