Dress Rehearsal

Sunday was dress rehearsal for the upcoming Oireachtas – It’s a time for the dancers to get wigged up, sprayed up, makeup on, and dresses on. It’s  a day to run through their dances, beginning to end (feis style) , with their teacher watching and taking notes the entire time. It’s intense, a little nerve wracking, and actually, fun for us moms to watch because we never get to see ALL the other dancers dancing.

This is the first time Jaia has gotten to wear her new dress, try out her new makeup (seems like it needs to be darker) and work on those steps.

Dance  paraphernalia all laid out … New dress with number for the day 🙂

It’s a huge group of kids going from our dance studio this year!

We’ve hit the home stretch – about 3 weeks left! All the plans have been made though – so all we have left to do is practice!

Also on a super fun note – Rowan and I took Pixel to the pumpkin patch!


Even though we weren’t going to be home for halloween – pumpkin picking was insisted upon!

Bright Blessings!

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