Road Trip

Jaia and I are heading out this afternoon – A feis weekend is upon us. I’m not quite sure why I fit one in this close to a major competition – I guess at the time (6 weeks or so ago) I was thinking it was a good idea. oiy vey.

Regardless, the competition is paid for, the hotel is paid for and snacks are purchased.

I guess, I was thinking that judges comments would be a good thing going into the O’s so we still have 3 weeks to practice those perfect steps!

I still don’t know what I was thinking.

I’m feeling a bit frazzled this month, with everything going on – running here and there, schoolwork that I always feel like I’m neglecting, (but that Jaia is actually doing fabulous on!)  homeschool classes and getting a certain big girl to and from work. Cleaning (deep cleaning) is getting pushed back and I’m so tired of not being on top of things!

In three weeks though, in three weeks I am planning on hibernating for a week.(or two) Tackling that hill that I’d so carefully cleaned off but is now becoming over run with weeds once again. Sewing. I have some bag patterns with my name waiting on my table downstairs.  Getting back to getting my house organized and tidy.  Rest.

And believe it or not – Work! Work is eight hours of calm every week 🙂

Wish us luck this weekend!

Bright Blessings!


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