Off the sewing table!

Over the weekend I eeked in a few minutes to finish the cutest little coat for Jaia’s american girl doll –


It was a pain in the ass. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make 7 outfits! The lining! OH! I took the lining apart probably 2 times!

I think I’ll make a few different pantsuit  styles which will break up the monotony of 7 identical pantsuits.  I love the pant themselves,  though – they are super cute and “easy”!

I have started on the red pair of pants 🙂 We’ll see about the suit coat!

I also had the awesomeness of being asked to sew a zipper pouch for the fabric shoppe where I work! I am very pleased and feel pretty good about myself since I was asked –

They gave me the fabric and I did the sewing!

I used the zipper pouch patterns of my own design  – and whipped 2 up since I had the fabric and made the time!



Any sewing projects on your table?

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