crazy busy

It’s early morning here in our household – the girls are still asleep and it’s quiet for a change. Jaia is fighting off a cold (with 4 days to go until we drive to Chicago) and Rowan’s cold is slowly leaving her body.

We are down to the home stretch week before the Oireachtas and we are planning , planning, planning  !  I am also  busily preparing for the rest of the week.  We are making spirit buddy posters, planning thanksgiving, hosting  a GILMORE GIRLS party (just 2 friends but the way jaia is planning we are having tons), work thrown in there and  a 5 hour drive on Saturday. So since I work Wednesday and Friday, Thanksgiving is Thursday  – today is my day to get shit done. I also have to fit in  mundane things like balance the check book and go pick up our turkey from the meat market –

I have list upon list. But first –

Yesterday I decanted my elderberry tincture! I found the perfect tool for it as well –

Yep! good old pour over coffee “maker”! It already has the strainer and for straining out finer bits you can just line it with cheese cloth.

It was so easy, not messy at all and then very easy to pour back into the jar and dropper bottles.


At least with our immune boosting tinctures all ready to go, I feel like I can face the rest of the week without going nuts.

Jaia had one last private lesson before the Oireachtas.

Down and exhausted at the end of the hour.

Wish me (us) luck!

Bright Blessings!

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