Friday (before the Oireachtas) ramblings

Well  – thanksgiving is over  and done with. I’ve made it through my least favorite (or likable) holiday ever, thanks to just staying home and having Rowan cook for the second year in a row.  She volunteered! She was not coerced!

Roasted turkey (of course), asparagus, mushrooms, dressing and cranberry cheesecake!  – For the past 2 years we’ve had the butcher cut our bird into 8 pieces (like a chicken), we cook some and freeze the rest for a future dinner. This turkey was delicious! Moist, juicy,  Free range/pasture raised, ate bugs – the works.

I do admit to being a meat snob but knowing I can feed my children meat (and eggs)  that is raised naturally on  free range farm, and local to boot, and NOT in a factory farm settings makes me one thankful momma all year round. (Otherwise we’d be vegetarians in a heartbeat)

Yesterday after the feast – the girls and I met the rest of my family and wandered around the Missouri Botanical Gardens awesomely, fabulous lights display –

It was amazing and a shout out to my sister for getting tickets for us 🙂

Tuesday night we had our Oireachtas party at the dance studio – THIS is why we love our studio –


EVERY dancer going gets a “spirit buddy”  – they make posters for support and encouragement and usually a small gift as well. They check in with each other, support each other and cheer them on from the sidelines! And there’s a party with dancing and a speech by their teacher – it’s an amazing family.

Tonight is our “Gilmore Girls release party” – nothing like a few friends, pizza, chinese food, and junk snacks to jump start a weekend of Dance competitions! (some of her dance mates are there RIGHT NOW dancing!

Signing off for the weekend –

Bright Blessings!


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