A long time

It’s been a while since I’ve been here in this space. A time I took for me. After the Oireachtas (which were awesome and fun and where she pretty much bombed) I was mentally, and emotionally done. We did nothing this past week but work. (and I took Rowan to the barn because she hadn’t gotten to ride the week before).  I needed a break from everything especially driving. It was especially helpful that this past week my husband was also away at a conference  – I’m still feeling emotionally low and am looking at why.

The Oireachtas were loud,  obnoxious, and with many hours of standing around waiting. Waiting to dance, waiting for results. Jaia went out there and did her best and still came in way at the bottom of the pile. She was up against some pretty major experienced dancers and you could obviously tell.


The left is jaia being greeting by her friends after just getting off the stage after dancing her round. The right is just to show the array of dance dresses out there. These are girls waiting side stage to dance their hard shoe set.


Jaia – I am so proud of her though, for making it to the Oireachtas, for getting up there and dancing – for having the confidence to do it.

Maybe next year 🙂

This week I was also asked to sew another project for the quilt/fabric shop I work for! That’s 2 things I’ve been asked to make and I have to say I’m kinda proud of myself for being asked. I’m amazed that others think my sewing skills are of a standard high enough to do something like this. (Granted it was a rectangle skirt, but still). I have very harsh criticisms about myself though –


I was asked to make a simple shirt out of this adorable fabric.


It’s lined! I think it would fit a 2 or three year old – I completely guessed at the sizing:) It’s been ages since I’ve had a small person in the house.

I love it. Wish I had someone to pass it along to…..ah well.

Bright Blessings


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