Still Away-

I’ve not been sharing here in this space because I’m still struggling. Struggling just to get myself out of this slump I’ve been in for the past month or so. I’ve been taking days slowly and not rushing round lately. Still trying to “fit in” yoga for myself when my husband is clearly telling me JUST GO – (and yet not able to make that work)

And unwilling to share my woes here, here  – I want this to be a fun place to come.

But the christmas music is finally on! And our list includes music by The Piano Guys, Abney Park and swing christmas!

I’ve been working on just a few projects to help with this “slumpiness” which I’ll share here later this week! Super cute PJ pants for the shoppe and a few christmas projects for children and home.

I’ve been on a pattern buying bender too – I’ve accumulated quite a few fun things to sew up for myself and others – and I’m attempting my first “quilt”!

Only 2 more weeks until christmas and my list is LONG! We are tree shopping today and frozen yogurt after. Our tradition the past 2 or 3 years. It’s a fun one and one the girls look forward to.

Hoping to kick the slump this week –

Bright Blessings –


  1. avalonlara

    Hope you’re feeling better. I too have really been struggling for weeks. A little better in the past few days but wowza it’s been rough since Thanksgiving. I really think a bunch of us are tapping into some swirly universal energy. Just so many women I’ve talked to are feeling similar things as you touch on. Hugs to you!


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