Catch up

I had a few, coveted, minutes of quite time this morning before the girls woke up. Hubby is out of town and these mornings alone are my absolute favorite. Our Daisy Dog had come into the bedroom and nudged me out of bed to be let outside. I stood outside in the cold – just stood there for a few minutes –  appreciating all that is in my world. I really am one lucky woman.

I finally made it to yoga yesterday! One of my favorite teachers had taken a break from teaching but recently returned! She has such a way of teaching yoga that she’d quickly became on of my favorites  (really everyone is my favorite there) when I first began taking classes with her before her leave. When I realized she was back on the schedule I carved out that time.


Already plotting my escape of to the next class –

I surprised the girls yesterday with a much needed break from school, work, and bitchy momma with  crappy fast food and the new J.K. Rowling movie – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – it was AWESOME and I am tempted to go see it again in the theaters before it leaves. (But Star Wars comes out on Friday  – so –  dilemma!)

Jaia twirling in the bathroom because why not? when you have such a cute, twirly dress?

We also finally made it to get our tree this past weekend! Squeezed in the trip before taking Rowan to work on Sunday. Our tradition the past few years has been to go to Ted Drewes in ST. Louis and buy a tree (and then treat ourselves with custard after) –

It’s a cute, small tree this year! Not completely decorated yet – I enjoy the lights.

And last, but certainly not least in any way – sewing projects.

Adorable PJ pants for the shoppe – size 12 months or so. My first ever christmas table topper that I’ll quilt – and my first ever quilt! It’s about 18 inches 🙂 and perfect for an American Girl doll. I don’t have a finished picture because Jaia quickly snatched that darling thing and took it to her room.

I’m reviewing the list that I still have to accomplish before christmas with a bit of dread and apprehension. Everyone is done except for Jaia – I need to go shopping for her still. I know what I want but finding it may be a chore. Sewing 2 projects – one for Rowan and one for Jaia but not having the fabric for either. Rowan’s fabric should be on its way (spoon flower hopefully!)  – Planning christmas dinner here at our house. We usually have dinner for one family and breakfast for the other. Trying to figure out how create a meal (2 meals) without breaking the bank and still following our grass fed meat/organic eggs/veggies lifestyle that I insist upon for us as a family.

11 Days to go.

Hope all is falling into place for you!

Bright Blessings –



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